Tattoo Assassins Complete Art Kit

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Data EastSKU: XLA-001680
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Side Art Laminate: None

CPO Laminate: None

Cabinet Type: Mortal Kombat 1 Style

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This amazing Tattoo Assassins artwork was such a fun project and would never have happened without our good friend Rob Ooze of Game Terminal purchasing the mint condition original dedicated cabinet from an individual associated with Stern Pinball and Data East. We actually helped Rob pick up the cabinet, well I actually supervised lol, I was in an in depth conversation with the previous owner.

XL Arcade sent Rob a scanner to completely scan every inch of this beautiful artwork on his cabinet which translates to hundreds of 8.5”x11” individual scans we painstakingly had to assemble, remove blemishes from, and color correct which took around 40 hours. It’s a lot tedious work but the end result is absolutely stunning and a win for the community to finally have access to this artwork to build their own cabinets.

Another good friend of ours, Michael Jensen of The Arcade is using a MK1 cabinet to build a Tattoo Assassins with this artwork package, you can follow the progress on his knowledge filled YouTube channel YourMKArcadeSource. Mike isn't only good at fixing and restoring arcade machines, he also designed the amazing move list bezel in this artwork package.

Even if you’re not planning on building a cab you still should check this game out, it’s very unique and at the very least you’ll probably have a good laugh. The original dedicated cabinet is on the floor at Game Terminal and Mike’s will be at The Arcade once complete.

  • High resolution print on premium 3M 3.75mil gloss vinyl.
  • Printed using environmentally friendly high definition inks.
  • Permanent self adhesive backing.
  • Air release channels to prevent bubbles during installation.
  • Color matched to original artwork.
  • Quality inspected.
  • Fits 90's Midway fighter cabinets but can be resized to fit others. The first image shows the complete artwork kit for an MK1 or Midway Universal cabinet. The last image shows the complete artwork kit for an MK2-4/KI style cabinet.

Bleed will be added to all of our self adhesive prints to eliminate installation error. The excess material can be easily trimmed off using a x-acto knife after installation.


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