BloodStorm Complete Art Kit

XLA Exclusive
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Side Art Laminate: None

CPO Laminate: None

Cabinet Type: Mortal Kombat 1 Style

Sale price$299.00


This product is part of these categories: bloodstorm, strata, whole game art kits

  • High resolution print on premium 3M 3.75mil gloss vinyl.
  • Printed using environmentally friendly high definition inks.
  • Permanent self adhesive backing.
  • Air release channels to prevent bubbles during installation.
  • Color matched to original artwork.
  • Quality inspected.
  • Fits 90's Midway fighter cabinets but can be resized to fit others. The first image shows the complete artwork kit for an MK1 or Midway Universal cabinet. The last image shows the complete artwork kit for an MK2-4/KI style cabinet.

Bleed will be added to all of our self adhesive prints to eliminate installation error. The excess material can be easily trimmed off using a x-acto knife after installation.


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