XLA Exclusive!

If you've browsed our site you've probably noticed that some products have an XLA Exclusive badge on them. This can mean many things which we will go over but the simplified meaning is that these products are some of the highest quality available!

XLA Exclusive can be reproduction parts designed and manufactured by us to be identical to the originals. Essentially these are indistinguishable, they will fit and function like an original part.

We also use the XLA Exclusive badge on some of our artwork that we sell. Most of the artwork with this badge is actually NOS artwork we have personally scanned at high dpi, scans of our own arcade cabinets, or ones we've had access to. In some cases we have used high quality scans that are available publicly or have been sent to us but have done so much work to them they are unrecognizable and earn the XLA Exclusive badge! Whether it be sizing, color correction, or fixing blemishes you can still be sure it is an exclusive product only available at XL Arcade!

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